Trouping the Latin Collective Colours
Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

New venues, New Team members, New Team tshirts and even a brand, spanking new Website……must be New Years 2010 and we have started as we mean to continue – no need for new years resolutions for us. We always aim to provide you with the best that we can, whatever that may be.

That is why for 2010, we aimed even higher when it came to our major events than we have ever aimed before AND WHY NOT. After all, 2010 is our 10th anniversary year. Although our founder Joe Davids, formed his first latin dance company LATIN8 Prodcutions back in 1997, it wasn’t till 2000 that he started running many of his trademark clubnights and events AND teamed up with a number of colleagues to form The Latin Collective. So, it is fitting that this year we make a real song and dance about it and that is just what we aim to do. This year, we are pleased to announce the launch of 5 new dance teams form our own stables;
Colección Dinámico,
Colección Diverso,
Colección Distinto,
Colección Elegante
and Colección Provacativo

Each of the troups is comprised from members of our own teaching team, although in future we may invite some of our most dedicated students to join us. This project is about showcasing the talent that we have in the team. We are very proud of the progress made by all our our junior members throughout their development in our training scheme and they have proven to be very popular so we feel that it is only right that they are literally put centre stage (or perhaps sometimes stage left or right of course) and receive a well deserved acolade.

These teams are already working on new choreographies and we will be showcasing them throughout 2010 both at our own events and overseas at festivals and congresses that we will be working at. The first of these shows will be debuted at our our Easter Sunday scalalatina event on Sunday 4 April, but we will shortly be posting up some video footage of shows that the teams have done for those that may be interested in booking them.

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